Saffron Extract Side Effects

Most of us are familiar with saffron the spice. It’s no ordinary spice but a unique and costly one. While more renowned in the culinary world and mainly recognized as a delicate and much valued spice, saffron is now finding it’s place in the weight loss arena, with many interesting medicinal properties. There also many other benefits of saffron extract as seen here

Is it safe and is it free from unwanted side effects?

The answers are yes and yes, if it is consumed in moderate amounts as in the case of commercial weight loss products with the recommended dosage. Not only is saffron effective, it is all natural and safe, with little to no harmful side effects. When consumed excessively though, as in taking many times the recommended dosage some side effects can occur. Some possible side effects of saffron may include drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, which are mild compared to the side effects of the TV commercial we have grown familiar to that have side effects worse than the initial condition. Yellowing of the skin can also occur. Expecting mothers should also not exceed the daily recommended intake for saffron because large quantities is said to possibly make the uterus to contract.

saffron extract side effects

Saffron extract has a long history in traditional healing with documentation of its use over the last 4,000 years in treating over 90 illnesses so your side effects could be beneficial. It has been recently recognized for treating respiratory infections and disorders, scarlet fever, small pox, cancer, hypoxia and asthma. It also helps blood circulatory disorders, insomnia, paralysis, heart diseases, stomach upsets, gout, depression, PMS, memory loss, male impotency and wound healing, to name a few.

Saffron extract being rich in carotenoids, hence its intense orange color, contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known for reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration of the eyes or AMD, which is the common cause of blindness in old age. Saffron Extract has been showing potential to help prevent cancer like some other antioxidants we are familiar with

Overall, saffron extract supplements such as SaffronPure are safe to take. In relatively small quantities in which saffron is usually consumed, saffron is a harmless substance. After all, it has been used in cooking and medicine for centuries.

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